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As if you cared...

I slit my wrists and bled for you.

14 December 1986
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Ray.Trenton.my dad.my mom.my family.glasses.nature.flowers.irises.being loved.doggy style.loving people.christmas.being me.kisses.hating you.school.mrs. leskovics.nothing at all.hate.paint.art.photography.decorating.school.sex.sex.more sex.hugs.people.blood.music.Lucifer.Final Fantasy.love.birthdays.sewing.making jewelry.taking showers.being someone's "best ever"!!.happiness.teddy bears.Brigitte.feeling sexy.working hands.hands.eyes.snow cones.stars.elephants.Nirvana.Taking Back Sunday.dragons.Nightmare Before Christmas.fairies.Casey.


being hated.stupid people.english.grades.getting dumped.being called ugly.fat.kicks.snot.bitches.ashlee simpson.not having sex.Mandi.

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ocd is love
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sex is love
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loving someone is love
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